Connect groups

  • Bible Studies

Pit Stop for Men  Saturdays 8:00am  LPC Youth Room (men 14+)

Red Letter Coffee Club Wednesday 7:00-8:15pm


Pray for Israel Sundays 7:00 to 8:30

Prayer Thursdays  6:30 am  lpc prayer room

Prayer and Play    Every second Wed or Thursday 10:00 am

Ladies Bible Study  Tues 9:30 am to  11:30 am


Pazaz Worship Dance Tuesdays  6:00 pm juniors 7:00pm senior(Resuming Sept. 12l)

Youth Worship Practice  Thursdays 7:00 pm


Potluck meal and fellowship  and singing for those 50+ Saturday 12:00 to 3:00 about every 6 weeks check our online calendar for the next one  Ken and Joyce Olson  (403) 748-2886


Connect Group Registration form (please hand into office)